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Helping you become
a better trial lawyer
(while avoiding my rookie mistakes)

With Signup to Settlement, Albert G. Stoll, Jr. navigates you through a personal injury case from beginning to end and allows you to take advantage of his 22 years of experience handling personal injury cases.


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Signup to Settlement - Your Personal
Injury Law Academy Bootcamp

Signup to Settlement covers the core steps any new to PI Lawyer would need,
while skipping my costly rookie mistakes

  • From student to Real Life Lawyer.
  • Can not Find a Job, Because I don’t have experience.
    But don’t have experience because I cannot find a job.
  • How to get started? And take that first step.
  • What is this case worth?

All basic necessary
forms, questionnaires and resources needed


What is This Sign Up to Settlement
Course All About?


Our Sign Up to Settlement Course, like any guide, is a collection of steps that, when followed in the proper order, will help you become a better trial lawyer (while avoiding the rookie mistakes). We are essentially "navigating" a personal injury lawsuit strategy for you. Armed with this course, you will be provided with a series of steps in the form of tools, resources, and insight. Each one of our tools and resources is carefully designed to help you take advantage of our many years of experience in settling personal injury cases.

What is this sign up

12 screencasts, 9 expert interviews, 8 bonus content
6 1hr live group coaching calls, 2 dozen in template
downloads and private LinkedIn Group


How can I Take Advantage
of this training?

Maybe you've been interested in personal injury law before, but didn't know where to start. Or maybe you're still not quite convinced its worth pursuing. You may be asking yourself how can you take advantage of this training to make it all pay off. As we've said, by taking this course you can realize the full potential of its ability to successfully settle cases (the stuff they don't teach in law school).

There are many lawyers in the world, but what the world needs is more GOOD plaintiff lawyers. With any guide, you must carefully follow the instructions to get your final product to turn out as you intended. Incorrectly preparing your case, or ignoring the details all together, can result in you losing cases and clients. This is where our course comes in.

We provide you with the tools you need to avoid common pitfalls, take advantage of opportunities, and maximize your results. While this guide is carefully laid out, it is also designed to be flexible and meet your unique needs. We understand not every lawyer is the same. What works for one lawyer, may be completely ineffective for another. Each time someone navigates with my guide, they will come out with a final product that is tailored for them and their clients.

How can I Take Advantage

There may be a better way than the
“do it alone” approach...

  • Find a mentor Trying to call someone and no one is home!
  • There are books out there?
  • You could work in a PI firm and gain experience?
  • You can attend live conferences with other law experts.

This Program is for you

  • susan

    Susan is a new admittee who would like to open up her own law firm handling personal injury and workers compensation cases.

  • paul

    Paul is an estate planning lawyer in a small town who has started to get personal injury referrals and wants to learn more about the practice area.

  • greg

    Greg is a third year law student who is being proactive and wants to learn how to be a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer while he is still in law school.

  • mary

    Mary just got a job with a personal injury law firm and would like to get up to speed on the issues she will be dealing with before she starts working.

This Program is for you

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside The Signup to Settlement Course

This course will leave you with an understanding of all the parts of a Personal Injury case in chronological order. The following steps outline what your training will include:

Step 2: Case Selection

Understand what kinds of cases you are willing to accept; and what cases you would want to partner with other lawyers.

New Prospect Contact Sheet
Initial Case Selection Article
Checklist For Low Impact Case
Case Economics Low Impact Case
Drawing A Line In The Sand To Litigate or Settle

Step 8: Experts

Understand when experts are needed, and how to prepare
experts to give their opinions

Expert Witness Checklist
Expert Witness Cost Containment
Exemplar Accident Reconstruction Bill
Expert Discovery

Step 9: ADR

Understand how to prepare for and attend a mediation

Exemplar Mediation Brief

Step 10: Settlement

Understand how to calculate, attorney fees, case costs, liens and
client's net when the settlement money is distributed.
Understand what you can charge as a case cost. Basics of IOLTA accounting

Client Settlements Breakdown Approval
Disbursement Letter To Client Exemplar
Exemplar Case Cost Itemization
Exemplar Minors Compromise Petition
How SSI and Medicaid are affected by PI Settlement
Minors Compromise Attorney Declaration Re Fees - Costs

Plus two other sessions to help you get started as well as plan your next step.

Overview & Fututre


Here's Exactly What

Workshop Schedule

Live Group Coaching
Week 00 Overview and 1 Contract1 hour live group coaching call
Week 22 Cases & 3 Deadlines1 hour live group coaching call
Week 44 Liens & 5 Negotiations1 hour live group coaching call
Week 66 Lawsuits & 7 Discovery1 hour live group coaching call
Week 88 Experts & 9 ADR1 hour live group coaching call
Week 1010 Settlement & 11 Future1 hour live group coaching call
How it works?

Launch your career.  Take the first step.

Total Cost$2,000

$2,000 (one time)

(1 payment)
Full immediate access
All included resources
+ One 1 hr, 1 on 1 Coaching

Full Access

$2400 ($400 bi-weekly)

(6 payyments)
2 new sessions bi-wkly
All included resources


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Trial Lawyer

How it works?

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    Check email for username/password

  • Step 05

    Check in and begin your course.

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9 expert interviews included

Trial Lawyer
Albert G. Stoll, Jr. | A Law Corporation


Christian Einfeldt
Financial Services Professional at MassMutual Financial Group

It is known in our office that Al Stoll somehow manages to produce higher settlements on cases than most people expect, and he gets them faster. One possible explanation for this phenomenon might be the comments that I hear of Al from opposing counsel: that he is sharp, persistent, and has integrity. I find that opposing counsel are willing to work with Al because they believe him and they are cautious of him at the same time. Al has brought more than 50 cases to trial, and yet he is only 43 years old. He tries cases on the merits, and does not engage in tricks or sandbagging opposing counsel. So he probably gets high settlements because opposing counsel know that Al carries a sharp sword, and yet can be relied on to settle cases and try cases with integrity.


Dawn Hassell
Managing Attorney at The Hassell Law Group, a P.C

Al is a very competent trial attorney. He is so comfortable in the courtroom and juries just love him. He is an excellent and devoted advocate for clients with small or big cases. Al treats all clients alike regardless of case size. In him you can expect to find a zealous advocate and a real professional. I highly recommend him. Dawn Hassell, Bay Area Attorney.


Susan Jewel
Attorney, Jewel & Stoneman, LLP

Over the years, many of my estate planning clients have suffered a personal injury. Without hesitation, I refer my clients to Albert G. Stoll. I have known Al for years and I am proud to say that this is one personal injury attorney that stands above the rest. Not only is Al a fabulous trial attorney but he is personable and honest. A referral to Albert Stoll is a "no-brainer".

Tons of high value bonuses

9 expert interviews included

Interview with Jonathan Arons
Interview with Ben Fields
Interview with Larry Knapp
Interview with Sally Morin
Interview with Shaana Rahman
Interview with Walter Haynes
Interview with Katherine Gallo
Interview with Bradley Bostick
Interview with Crystal Shanks

Multiple download formats

Tons of high value bonuses

New Personal Injury Client Questionnaire.
Defendant driver asset questionnaire.
Template settlement demand letter.
Template mediation brief.
Interviews with experts on each area of personal injury law.
Defendant driver deposition question outline.
Template Request For Admissions in an auto case.
Step by step outline to start building a referral based law practice.
Exemplar motion in limine to exclude the defense biomechanic expert in the low impact rear end collision case.

Workshop Schedule


Multiple download
formats. Learn the way that make sense to you.
I am sharing the
experiences inside of my head, With you in an
organized step by step way.


Launch your career


Why me?

Launch your career.  Take the first step.

Total Cost$2,000
Total Value$10k
+ 14 day free trial$$$$
+ life time access$$$$
+ Online convenience$$$$
+ Mobile device support$$$$
+ Get your questions answered$$$$

Full AccessBi-weekly

$10k + $$$$

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