What is STS Free Membership?

Once you have registered for FREE you will get limited access to to great content like podcast, group coaching calls recordings, resources etc. You will also be able to sample other course materials.

Pre-requisites: Law Student, Law Degree, General Practitioners


What is Signup to Settlement Bootcamp?

Our Sign Up to Settlement Course, like any guide, is a collection of steps that, when followed in the proper order, will help you become a better trial lawyer (while avoiding the rookie mistakes). We are essentially "navigating" a personal injury lawsuit strategy for you. Armed with this course, you will be provided with a series of steps in the form of tools, resources, and insight. Each one of our tools and resources is carefully designed to help you take advantage of our many years of experience in settling personal injury cases.

Pre-requisites: Law Student, Law Degree, General Practitioners

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What is Signup to Settlement Depositions?

Our second course is entitled Signup to Settlement: Depositions. Upon completion of sign up to settlement, you have the foundational knowledge to hold yourself out to the public as a personal injury lawyer. Once you begin to share what kind of lawyer you are, guess what? You will start to get referrals! Now it’s time to drill down even deeper in the the most powerful tool a plaintiff's lawyer has, ability to subpoena witnesses to an oral deposition. The ability to put a witness or party under oath and question them face to face with a court reporter present is the number one tool you will have to get personal injury cases settled. Now it’s time to dive into the basics of everything you are going to need about depositions.

Pre-requisites: Bootcamp Seminar / 1 completed PI Law case

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What is Signup to Settlement Action Club #STSAC?

Now that you are on your way to having the necessary knowledge to credibly refer to yourself as a plaintiff personal injury attorney, you will start getting cases. When this happens, you will have more questions: Who should I sue? When should I sue? How much is this case worth? How much money should I invest in the case? Should I refer the case out? Don’t fret, as we are here for you! Join us as an ongoing member and stay connected with the tools, resources and the community you will need to continue your growth as a plaintiff personal injury trial attorney. Our membership includes the following:
  • Two LIVE Q&A group calls per month (also recorded and uploaded to the site). You can either submit your questions in advance or, if time permits, ask them during the live Q&A call.
  • You will have direct access to me for assistance with your most pressing questions via e-mail and cell phone - up to 30 minutes per month.
  • Discounted access to 1-on-1 coaching (1-on-1 coaching is available to members only).
  • Continued access to all of our growing resources, legal memos, form letters, discovery and action plans.
  • A pre-recorded Expert Interview each month (uploaded to the site as video and audio podcast).
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