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What is This Sign Up to Settlement Course All About?

Our Sign Up to Settlement Course, like any guide, is a collection of steps that, when followed in the proper order, will help you become a better trial lawyer (while avoiding the rookie mistakes). We are essentially "navigating" a personal injury lawsuit strategy for you. Armed with this course, you will be provided with a series of steps in the form of tools, resources, and insight. Each one of our tools and resources is carefully designed to help you take advantage of our many years of experience in settling personal injury cases.


How can I Take Advantage of this training?

Maybe you've been interested in personal injury law before, but didn't know where to start. Or maybe you're still not quite convinced it’s worth pursuing. You may be asking yourself how can you take advantage of this training to make it all pay off.  As we've said, by taking this course you can realize the full potential of your ability to successfully settle cases (the stuff they don't teach in law school).

There are many lawyers in the world, but what the world needs is more GOOD plaintiff lawyers. With any guide, you must carefully follow the instructions to get your final product to turn out as you intended. Incorrectly preparing your case, or ignoring the details all together, can result in you losing cases and clients. This is where our course comes in.

We provide you with the tools you need to avoid common pitfalls, take advantage of opportunities, and maximize your results. While this guide is carefully laid out, it is also designed to be flexible and meet your unique needs. We understand not every lawyer is the same. 
What works for one lawyer, may be completely ineffective for another. Each time someone navigates with my guide, they will come out with a final product that is tailored for them and their clients.


Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside The Signup to Settlement Course 

This course will leave you with an understanding of all the parts of a Personal Injury case in chronological order. The following steps outline what your training will include:
  • Step 1: Contract
    Knowledge needed to sign up a case and send out letter of representation
  • Step 2: Case Selection
    Understand what kinds of cases you are willing to accept; and what cases you would want to partner with other lawyers.
  • Step 3: Deadlines
    Understanding the SOL basics and how to organize case documents
  • Step 4: Medical Liens
    Ability to identify all liens that apply to the case
  • Step 5: Negotiation
    Ability to build a case and have productive conversations with adjusters.
  • Step 6: Lawsuit
    Understand how to properly file your first personal injury case.
  • Step 7: Discovery
    Understanding what evidence is relevant and discoverable in a PI case
  • Step 8: Experts
    Understand when experts are needed, and how to prepare experts to give their opinions.
  • Step 9: ADR
    Understand how to prepare for and attend a mediation.
  • Step 10: Settlement
    Understand how to calculate, attorney fees, case costs, liens and client's net when the settlement money is distributed. Understand what you can charge as a case cost. Basics of IOLTA accounting

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